We run a suite of high-end workstations including dual-30"-screened Mac Pros for working on multiple images or multiple channels simultaneously. OSs from Microsoft, Apple and several flavours of Linux. Some of these workstations are bookable.

mp Software

A large collection of commercial and custom-written image and data analysis software.


vtrak Online storage

We are currently commissioning our rack mounted Apple XSAN server - more space, simpler management and fibre-channel data rates.


E800Epifluorescence & darkfield Nikon E800

Efficient fluorescence imaging combined with darkfield or VE-DIC. Two cameras; a chilled, back-illuminated CCD (for slow time lapse) and an EM-CCD (for rapid time-lapse). A PC running Metamorph controls piezo focus, shutters, filter wheels and image acquisition, and can also do off-line deconvolution.


Personal Deltavision

Timelapse 3D widefield fluorescence deconvolution imaging of live cells in experiments lasting up to several days. Contains fast shutters and Xenon light source, which allow more rapid live cell imaging applications.


Deltavision Elite

The latest deltavision from Applied precision: time-lapse 3D widefield fluorescence deconvolution imaging of live cells combined with laser-based applications (FRAP, photoactivation) e.g. to study motility and turnover of microtubules. Also has capacity to carry out real-time imaging of two separate channels e.g. EGFP and mCherry


Laser trap (optical tweezers)

Extensively modified Zeiss Axiovert. Infrared trapping laser (3W, CW, 1024nm), microsecond beam steering (AODs), nanometer-precise XY stage, focus control, LED ve-DIC. Single molecule force measurements and nanometer resolution bead tracking (Sub-nanometer resolution at 40kHz).


Ultraview: Spinning disk confocal

Fast two-channel confocal imaging with a Yokagawa CSU-X1 disk unit and dual CCD cameras for fast 4D timelapse with minimal phototoxicity. Interactive FRAP: bleach/activate a particular pattern & watch recovery kinetics; dynamic colocalization of fast moving objects.



TIRF: Image dimly-fluorescent signals, including single molecules, the first ~100nm beyond the glass coverslip surface with almost no background fluorescence. Suitable for in vitro imaging or imaging at or near the the cell membrane. Environmental chamber for cells. Galvo-based FRAP system.



Similar spec to TIRF1 without the FRAP capability and with an emCCD camera.



Similar spec to TIRF1 without the FRAP capability and with an emCCD camera.


Nikon Microphot with VE-DIC

Mercury illumination via a fiberoptic light scrambler. The acquired DIC is "video enhanced" using a video processor that performs background subtraction and contrast enhancement in real time. For microtubule dynamics and motility assays. The system uses custom-written video capture and object tracking software.