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SteveCell biology at the molecular level

We are interested in two processes fundamental to eukaryotic cellular life: mitosis and membrane trafficking. We want to understand how these processes operate at the molecular level to prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

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tracksMotor-free transport

M‌éghane and Steve tracked vesicles zooming around inside cells and found that diffusion is the main mode of nanovesicle transport.

>> Sittewelle & Royle (2023) | [Paper] | [Plain English]

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mitopitsLife is the (mito)pits

Cansu and others show that clathrin-coated pits can be made to form inside cells. Even on mitochondria! This work reveals what are the essential ingredients to cook up a vesicle.

>> Küey et al. (2022) | [Paper]

ensheathingLost in membranes

Nuria, Laura and George show how endomembranes can cause chromosome missegregation in mitosis.

>> Ferrandiz et al. (2022) | [Paper] | [Plain English] [Spotlight]

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