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SteveCell biology at the molecular level

We are interested in two processes fundamental to eukaryotic cellular life: mitosis and membrane trafficking. We want to understand how these processes operate at the molecular level in the hope of identifying new strategies to prevent tumour formation and propagation in cancer and to inhibit cellular infection.

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labThis is us!

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crisprFollow the leader

Ellis and James show how endogenous knocksideways can be used to define a protein complex.

>> Ryan and Shelford et al. (2020) | [Paper]

KueyRetrofit trouble

Cansu developed GFP nanobodies as dongles to add functions to GFP-tagged proteins. They can be used for knocksideways, but they can perturb the function of the protein of interest.

>> Kuey et al. (2019) | [Paper] | [Interview]

LarocqueHello, World!

Gabrielle discovered a novel class of transport vesicle in cells.
We call them INVs - intracellular nanovesicles. We found them by examining a protein called TPD54, one of the most abundant proteins in human cells.

>> Larocque et al. (2019) | [Paper] | [Plain English]

DigitalCellThe Digital Cell

Steve has written a book! It is a practical guide for cell, developmental and molecular biologists to deal with data.
The book covers programming, statistics, image analysis, data visualisation, electronic lab notebooks and much more.
It's recommended for new research students and for anyone who wants to brush up their quantitative cell biology skills.

>> Royle (2019) | [Buy It]

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