Mechanobiology at the Shard

A Randall Institute | CMCB joint symposium

06 February 2017

Organised by:

Rob Cross (Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology, Warwick Medical School)

Mathias Gautel (Randall Institute, Kings College London)


Work at our two institutions aims to understand the contributions of mechanical and mechanochemical mechanisms to cell function. To learn about each other's work and to facilitate progress, we have organised this one day joint Symposium in Molecular and Cellular Mechanobiology, with support from the Wellcome Trust. We will discuss topics ranging from single molecule dynamics of molecular motors to the mechanics of muscle contraction and cell crawling.

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Participation is open to all in the CMCB and in the Randall. PI registrations will take priority.

[Eventbrite]    Registration for this event is now closed

We have space for ~100 participants, so depending on the level of interest, we may have to restrict the number of people attending from each lab. There is no registration fee. Registration will close at midnight on 31 Jan, one week before the meeting.

As well as registering via Eventbrite, please ALSO email the organisers an e-POSTER including photo of yourself and your lab members (to facilitate networking), explaining your scientific and technical interests, providing your contact details and highlighting your recent publications: [Example e-POSTER 1] [Example e-POSTER 2]

We will make these e-posters available on this site both at and after the symposium, as an aide-memoire for participants and as a convenient ongoing record of everyone's interests.

We encourage everyone attending to submit an A4 1-page SCIENTIFIC ABSTRACT about their work. We will make these available in PDF format by email to participants. Unlike the e-posters, the Abstracts will not be made public.

Email your abstract to:

DEADLINE for Abstract submission 12:00 Friday 3 Feb