Mechanobiology at the Shard

A Randall Institute | CMCB joint symposium

06 February 2017

Organised by:

Rob Cross (Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology, Warwick Medical School)

Mathias Gautel (Randall Institute, Kings College London)


Work at our two institutions aims to understand the contributions of mechanical and mechanochemical mechanisms to cell function. To learn about each other's work and to facilitate progress, we have organised this one day joint Symposium in Molecular and Cellular Mechanobiology, with support from the Wellcome Trust. We will discuss topics ranging from single molecule dynamics of molecular motors to the mechanics of muscle contraction and cell crawling.

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PROGRAMME - Monday 06 February 2017

Doors open to Randall contingent

Scheduled arrival of Warwick contingent
10:20 10:40 M.Balasubramanian 
Cytokinesis in vitro and in vivo
10:40 11:00
M. Mishima
Mechanical robustness and plasticity of cytokinesis
11:00 11:30

11:30 11:50
M. Irving
Mechano-sensing in muscle: maximising the ratio of performance to metabolic cost
11:50 12:10
M. Gautel
Mechanobiology of titin - the challenges
12:10 12:30
S. Hughes
Fishing for the role of force in muscle growth
12:30 12:50 A. Straube
Self-organisation of microtubule arrays in skeletal muscle cells

14:00 14:20 S. Royle Re-engineering cells to study endocytosis
14:20 14:40
V. Sanz-Moreno
Cell Migration and Beyond: Actomyosin Contractility as a key regulator of tumour biology
14:40 15:00 B. Stramer
Cytoskeletal mechanics of cell migration and embryonic morphogenesis
15:00 15:20 R. Cross
Structural-mechanical remodelling of GDP-microtubules by kinesin

16:00 16:20 S. Garcia-Manyes
Linking mechanochemistry with protein folding with single bond resolution
16:20 16:40
A. McAinsh
Mechanical performance of the kinetochore
16:40 17:00 C. Chiappini
Engineering high-aspect ratio nanomaterials to direct cell fate
17:15 19:00

Evening Reception (Gordon Museum of Physiology)