Mechanobiology at the Shard 2018

A Randall Institute | CMCB joint symposium

05 February 2018

Organised by:

Rob Cross (Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology, Warwick Medical School)

Mathias Gautel (Randall Institute, Kings College London)


Work at our two institutions aims to understand the contributions of mechanical and mechanochemical mechanisms to cell function. To learn about each other's work and to facilitate progress, we have organised this one day joint Symposium in Molecular and Cellular Mechanobiology, with support from Wellcome and from the British Heart Foundation. We will discuss topics ranging from single molecule dynamics of molecular motors to the mechanics of muscle contraction and cell crawling.

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-- 2017 Participants --
Mr. Sami Al-Izzi CMCB, Warwick  
Mr. Alexander Alexandrovich KCL  
Dr. Simon Ameer-Beg KCL Webpage
Dr. Seetharamaiah Attili Kings College London  
Mr. Philip Auckland CMCB, Warwick  
Miss Alice Bachmann CMCB, Warwick  
Prof. Mohan Balasubramanian CMCB, Warwick Webpage
Miss Amy Beedle King's College London  
Dr. Pauline Bennett KCL Webpage
Dr. Nick Carter CMCB, Warwick  
Dr. Camilla Cerutti King`s College College  
Dr. Bernardo Chapa y Lazo CMCB, Warwick  
Dr. Ciro Chiappini King's College London Webpage
Mr. Scott Clarke CMCB, Warwick  
Ms. Sharon Collier CMCB, Warwick  
Prof. Sasi Conte King's College london Webpage
Dr. Susan Cox King's College London Webpage
Prof. Robert Cross CMCB, Warwick Webpage
Dr. Attila Csikasz-Nagy King's College London Webpage
Miss Cerys Currie University of Warwick  
Dr. Ricardo da Silva King's College London Webpage
Mr. Marcus Dawson King's College London  
Dr. Viviane Devauges King's College London  
Dr. Mark Dodding King's College London Webpage
Dr. Andrew Durham Kings College London  
Prof. Riki Eggert King's Webpage
Mr. Bruce Fanshaw CFD - KCL  
Dr. Silvia Ferreira CFD - KCL  
Ms Charlotte Fletcher CMCB Warwick  
Miss Karin Fleischanderl Randall Division  
Dr. Arianna Fornili Queen Mary University of London Webpage
Dr. Tom Foulkes King's College London  
Mr. Daniel Foyt King's College London  
Dr. Sheeba Franklin Randall KCL  
Prof. Franca Fraternali KCL Webpage
Dr. Luca Fusi King's College London  
Dr. Massimo Ganassi KCL  
Prof. Sergi Garcia-Manyes KCL Webpage
Prof. Mathias Gautel King's College London Webpage
Dr. Eileen Gentleman King's College London Webpage
Dr. Hannah Gould King's College London Webpage
Prof. Jeremy Green King's College London Webpage
Mr. Nicholas Groth Merrild King's College London  
Mr. Samuel Gulaidi-Breen King's College London  
Dr. Tomoyuki Hatano University of Warwick  
Mr. Will Hawkes King's College London  
Miss Eline
Hendrix King's College London  
Dr. Yaniv Hinits Kings College London Webpage
Dr. Liisa Hirvonen King's College London  
Prof. Simon Hughes MRC and KCL Webpage
Ms. Hamdi Hussain University of Warwick  
Dr. Elvira Infante King's College London  
Prof. Malcolm Irving King's College London Webpage
Dr. Thomas Iskratsch King's College London Webpage
Prof. GARETH JONES King's College London Webpage
Dr. Anton Kamnev CMCB, Warwick  
Miss Fiona Kenny KCL
Miss Gabrielle Larocque CMCB, Warwick  
Dr. Kif Liakath-Ali King's College London  
Prof. Malcolm Logan Randall KCL Webpage
Miss Irene Marzuoli King's College London  
Prof. Andrew McAinsh CMCB, Warwick Webpage
Prof. Jonathan Millar CMCB, Warwick Webpage
Dr. Masanori Mishima CMCB, Warwick Webpage
Mr. Marc Mora King's College London  
Mr. Fuad Mosis King's College London  
Prof. Tony Ng KCL & UCL Webpage
Mr. Ailbhe O'Brien Warwick Medical School  
Dr. Saravanan Palani Warwick Medical School  
Prof.  Maddi  Parsons  Randall Division, King's College Webpage
Miss Anika Patel CMCB, Warwick  
Dr. Daniel Peet CMCB, Warwick  
Miss Jonna Petzold LIDo programme PhD Student  
Dr. Karin Pfisterer Randall Division, King's College  
Dr. Mark Pfuhl KCL Webpage
Mr. Tapan Pipalia King's College London  
Ms. Perrine Pluchon King's College London  
Dr. Simon Poland Kings College London  
Dr. Thomas Randall King's College  
Dr. Martin Rees King's College  
Prof. Anne Ridley King's College London Webpage
Dr. Emanuele Roscioli CMCB, Warwick  
Dr. Stephen Royle CMCB, Warwick  Webpage
Mr. Christoph Salzlechner King's College London  
Dr. Karuna Sampath CMCB, Warwick Webpage
Miss Alexandra Santu King's College London  
Dr. Dr Victoria Sanz-Moreno Randall Division, KCL Webpage
Prof. Cathy Shanahan King's College London Webpage
Mrs. Naomi Sheppard Warwick medical school  
Miss Nida Siddiqui CMCB, Warwick  
Dr. Virginia Silio CMCB, Warwick  
Mr. Christopher Smith CMCB, Warwick  
Dr. Vladimir Snetkov King's College London  
Miss. Laura Stennett King's College London  
Dr. Brian Stramer Kings College London Webpage
Dr. Anne Straube CMCB, Warwick Webpage
Dr. Matt Stroud King's College London Webpage
Dr. Yin-Biao Sun King's College London Webpage
Ms. Victoria Swann Randall Division KCL  
Dr. Junetha Syed Jabarulla CMCB, Warwick  
Mr. Dheraj Taheem King's College London  
Dr. Algirdas Toleikis CMCB, Warwick  
Dr. David Trentham kcl Webpage
Ms. Sofia Seren Tsakali King's College London  
Mr. Gokhan Tut CMCB, Warwick  
Mr. Yongjian Wang KCL  
Mrs. Victoria Williams-Ward KCL  
Dr. Laura Wood CMCB, Warwick  
Prof. Qingbo Xu King's College London Webpage
Miss ziqian yan Randall Division  
Dr. Yan Yip Randall Division  
Miss Tracy Yu King's College London  
Miss Paola Zambon CMCB, Warwick  
Prof. Peter Zammit Randall Division Webpage