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What we do

Work in my lab focuses on the force generating mechanisms of kinesins and microtubules.

We are trying to understand the molecular mechanisms of mechanochemical coupling. These mechanisms drive much of the self-organisation behaviour of eukaryotic cells and understanding them is important both for fundamental science and for the development of improved chemical biology approaches to a range of important medical and agricultural problems.

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Robert A. Cross (2016)
Mechanochemistry of the kinesin-1 ATPase

Biopolymers DOI: 10.1002/bip.22862

Frauke Hussmann, Douglas R. Drummond, Daniel Peet, Douglas S. Martin & Robert A. Cross (2016)
Alp7/TACC-Alp14/TOG generates long-lived, fast-growing MTs by an unconventional mechanism

Nature Scientific Reports DOI: 10.1038/srep20653

Joanna Andrecka, Jaime Ortega Arroyo, Katie Lewis, Robert A. Cross, and Philipp Kukura (2016)
Label-free Imaging of Microtubules with Sub-nm Precision Using Interferometric Scattering Microscopy

Biophysical Journal 110 214-217


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NaomiNaomi Sheppard | Tubulin mechanochemistry

I am a Research Assistant working on the mutagenesis and protein chemistry of tubulins.

DanDaniel Peet | Kinesins and microtubule dynamics

Kinesin motors can influence microtubule dynamics. I am interested in understanding how this works.

NickNick Carter | Advanced Microscopy

I am interested in the single molecule mechanics of molecular motors and tracks. I am also designer and developer of the Warwick Open Source Microscope, an ultra stable open source platform for advanced optical microscopy.

NeilJNeil Jenkins | Kinesin crowds

I am analysing and simulating the stepping behaviour of processive kinesins, aiming to make predictions of the behaviour of teams of kinesins. Funded by Warwick's Complexity Complex, cosupervisor Stefan Grosskinsky.

AlgisAlgirdas Toleikis | Bidirectionality

I am interested in the mechanics of bidirectional kinesins.


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