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Work in the lab focuses on the force generating mechanisms of kinesins and microtubules.

These mechanisms drive much of the active self-organisation behaviour of eukaryotic cells and understanding them is important both for fundamental science and for the development of improved chemical biology approaches to a range of important medical and agricultural problems.

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McHugh T., Drechsler H., McAinsh A. D., Carter N. J. & Cross R. A. (2017)
Single molecule mechanics reveal Kif15 as an active molecular ratchet with acute strain sensitivity
| BioRxiv


peet Daniel R. Peet, Nigel J Burroughs, Robert A. Cross (2017)
Structural-mechanical remodelling of GDP-microtubules by kinesin
| BioRxiv


Naomi Sheppard | Tubulin mechanochemistry

I am a Research Assistant working on the mutagenesis and protein chemistry of tubulins.

Daniel Peet | Kinesins and microtubule dynamics

Kinesin motors can influence microtubule dynamics. I am interested in understanding how this works.

Nick Carter | Advanced Microscopy

I am interested in the single molecule mechanics of molecular motors and tracks & am designer and developer of the WOSM.

Neil Jenkins | Kinesin crowds

I am analysing and simulating the stepping behaviour of teams of processive kinesins.

Algirdas Toleikis | Bidirectionality

I am interested in the mechanics of bidirectional kinesins.

Charlotte Fletcher | Magnetic nanomanipulation

I am a PhD student, joint with the McAinsh lab, developing methods for magnetic nanomanipulation.

Atreyi Chakrabarty | Intern

I made these movies!

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