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During mitosis each sister chromatid is bound to microtubules via a multi-protein structure, known as the kinetochore. In order that sister chromatids are separated to opposite spindle poles, each kinetochore must be bound to microtubule(s) from one spindle pole and its sister kinetochore to microtubule(s) from the opposite spindle pole, a process known as chromosome bi-orientation. This process is monitored by a surveillance system, known as the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC), which ensures sister chromatids do not separate until all chromosomes are correctly attached to microtubules and under tension. Our research is aimed at understanding how mechanical force at the kinetochore is transmitted into a biochemical signal that silences the SAC to trigger accurate segregation of sister chromatids and how this process is subverted in various human pathologies, such as cancer.


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