cake club



>> Lab talks: Tuesdays 1pm on Teams.




01 | The speaker should give a 30 minute presentation followed by 5-10 min of questions. You should use the forum for a polished talk with nice slides and being well rehearsed. However, this does not mean that you can only show perfect data. Please also include your negative, unexplained, puzzling, preliminary findings and current troubles and how you solved problems that you reported last time so that everybody can give feedback and learn from each other.


02 | Take part actively: Ask when you don't understand something. Ask if you don't know how an experiment was done. Ask what it means. You don't need to have a PhD to ask questions.


03 | Please bring your own coffee/drinks/snacks! Please Mute your microphone.


04 | The aim is to share information and get feedback within CMCB. Please don't take screenshots, tweet any details or talk to outsiders about unpublished results that you hear about at these meetings.


...any suggestions or questions, please talk to Nuria and Alonso.


02-Nov-21 | McAinsh group


09-Nov-21 | Royle group


16-Nov-21 | Balasubramanian group


23-Nov-21 | Koester group


30-Nov-21 | Cross group


07-Dec-21 | No Talk-ASCB meeting


14-Dec-21 | No Talk-Holiday break


21-Dec-21 | No Talk-Holiday break


28-Dec-21 | No Talk-Holiday break


04-Jan-22 | No Talk-Holiday break


11-Jan-22 | CAMDU group


18-Jan-22 | McAinsh group


25-Jan-22 | Smutny group


01-Feb-22 | Balasubramanian group


08-Feb-22 | Royle group


15-Feb-22 | Saunders group


22-Feb-22 | No Talk- Half-Term


01-Mar-22 | Sampath group


08-Mar-22 | Bowman group


15-Mar-22 | Mishima group


22-Mar-22 | Balasubramanian group


29-Mar-22 | Koester group


05-Apr-22 | No Talk-BSCB/BSDB meeting


12-Apr-22 | No Talk-Holiday break


19-Apr-22 | No Talk-Holiday break


26-Apr-22 | McAinsh group


03-May-22 | Royle group


10-May-22 | Burroughs group


17-May-22 | Straube group


24-May-22 | Cross group


31-May-22 | No Talk-Half-Term


07-Jun-22 | Ratheesh group


14-Jun-22 | CAMDU group


21-Jun-22 | McAinsh group


28-Jun-22 | Dean group


05-Jul-22 | Saunders group


12-Jul-22 | Balasubramanian group


19-Jul-22 | Royle group