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Taken from Clarke & Royle, Nature Communications (2018).

Dark-field imaging of microtubule dynamics.

Serial block face scanning electron microscopy of a human cell in mitosis.
Taken from Nixon, Honnor et al., J Cell Sci (2017).

hKif15-eGFP–driven microtubule transport

Fireworks! Self-organisation of parallel microtubule bundle.

Golgi membranes and microtubules under DIC (Cross Lab).

High ATP twitches (Cross Lab).

Human cell (HeLa) undergoing mitosis.

Human mitotic spindle surface-rended 3D reconstruction

Mitosis in human cells (HeLa).

Self-organisation of microtubule-based structures in vitro.

Telophase of mitosis in a HeLa cell (McAinsh Lab).

Tracking kinetochore position in living human cells (McAinsh Lab).