cake club




weekly cake club to showcase the best experimental skills in cake baking and a forum for lively discussions on cake making skills, pitfalls and troubleshooting.



JonathanJonathan Brandt| World Citizen

Jonathan bakes yummy traditional english cakes.

GokhanGokhan Tut| British Kurd

Gokhan specialises in triple chocolate brownies.

GabrielleGabrielle Larocque| Canada

Gabrielle brings new insights into the rapid application of icing and clever ways of eating cupcakes.

AinurAinur Kakpenova| Kazakhstan

Bring on more of the classic Russian recipes!

RoseRose Gostner | Italy

Extensive experience in human-cake interactions. Speciality are delicious light and creamy creations with a perfectly styled finish

AliceAlice Bachmann| France

She's French, what else do I need to say...

DanielDaniel Roth | Germany

Bakes a traditional German cheesecake after grandmother's recipe to perfection. Not shy of new experiments: Remember this two-dimensional swiss roll?

NidaNida Siddiqui | India

Yummy cakes and desert with an Indian theme: the ingredients are a mystery, but who cares as long as it is sweet and tasty!

BenBen Fitton | Cheshire

Very keen experimentalist who is always good for a surprise. Eating habits restrict the permissible ingredients and result in the exclusion of strawberries, bananas, coconut and ground almonds from recipes (unless very well mixed in and hidden).

SamSam Jefferyes | Dreamland

By far the most efficient cake eater in the club, never shy of a second or third helping and not fussy about helping the disposal of failed experiments.

ChrisChris Smith | Kinetochoreland

A gifted experimentalist tackling even complicated multistep recipes with unusual ingredients.

RachelRachel Jones | Clathrinland

Rachel was rescued from a professional baking career by joining us. Known for regular cookie baking exercises to feed the hungry late-night workers.

HarrietHarriet Bell | Worchestershire

The most perfect cake decorator: dazzling everybody with gold-plated entry examination cup cakes that were almost too pretty to eat.

AnneAnne Straube | Deutschland

Particularly fond of non-baking cheese cakes with berries. Likes the challenge of using as many of Ben's excluded ingredients as possible in a single cake and see him eat it.



Membership is by application to the current membership. The decision process involves (1) an initial evaluation of anecdotal baking experience in a cake club meeting, (2) shortlisted candidates will then be invited to supply a cake for the entry examination. Satisfactory completion of the process allows participation in weekly cake club meetings and inclusion in the baking rota.




xxx31 October 13 |
Sam's Halloween cake.
Lots of effort and skill went into this spooky surprise.












xxx15 November 13 |
Chris' chocolate junk cake.
A cheesecake decorated with a wild collection of chocolate-containing junk.








xxx10 January 14 |
Alice's Tarte � la Praline.
An extremely promising entry examination cake following the secret family recipe.








xxx27 Sep 13 |
Ben's autumn cup cakes.
Edible sugar and butter on fluffy little cup cakes with a hidden little something in the middle.







xxx28 August 13 |
Rachel's entry examination cake.
A very chocolatey cake that left no doubts regarding her admission to the cake club.








xxx21 August 13 |
Anne's take on a green fluorescent cake.
Creme de Menthe cheesecake
It receives great marks for colour, but could have been a bit more minty...







xxx15 August 2013 |
Ben's delicious double header.
A key lime pie and a chocolate tart with summer berries. Yummy!!!




xxx6 August 2013 |
Harriet's carrot cake.
This one had to go into the oven twice, but the final product was perfectly presented as usual and very tasty too.







xxx8 May 13 |
Anne's Russischer Zupfkuchen.
A classic made the foolproof way by using a not-to-be-named German cake mixture.








xxx9 April 13 |
Rose's entry examination cake.
A very delicious chocolate tiramisu cake. You can find the recipe here .