andrewAndrew McAinsh | Principle Investigator | orcid ID: 0000-0001-6808-0711

I am a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator and Royal Society Wolfson Research merit awardee. Following a PhD at Cambridge with Steve Jackson and a postdoc at MIT with Peter Sorger, where I was Jane Coffin Childs Fellow, I established my lab in 2005 at the Marie Curie Research Institute and moved to Warwick in 2009. The major focus of the lab is understanding how kinetochores drive chromosome dynamics in mitosis (and also meiosis). We also love working on molecular motors and revelaing the functional features of these nano-machines. To do all this we have some fantastic on-going collaborations with the groups of Patrick Meraldi, Nigel Burroughs and Rob Cross

murielMuriel Erent | Lab manager

...working on, keeping everything in the lab running smoothly and supporting our research programmes on the origins of chromosome mis-segregation during mitotic (BBSRC), meiotoic and embryonic (Wellcome) cell divisions... Prior to joining the lab Muriel was a postdoc in the Cross lab where she worked on Kinesin-8 motors.

murielEmanuele Roscioli | Postdoc - Leverhulme Trust

...working on Mechanical properties of kinetochore-microtubule attachments.. Prior to joining the lab Emanuele worked on kinetochores with Daniela Cimini at Virginia Tech, and on the RAN GTP gradient with Patrizia Lavia in Rome . Read about Emanuele's work here on google scholar

jaspreetJaspreet Grewal | Postdoc - Wellcome

...working on developing genetic tools to decipher mechanisms of chromosome segregation and error correction during mitosis

alessioAlessio Inchingolo | Postdoc - Wellcome

...working on reconstituting kinetochore-microtubule interactions and teh function of the K-fibre associated protein HURP

onurOnur Sen | Postdoc - BBSRC

...working on using Lattice light sheet microscope to understand the orign of chromsome segregation errors in huamn cells.. Prior to joining the lab, Onur has worked and trained in the Taylor, Hardwicke and Higgins labs

onurLina Germanova | PhD student - MRC DTP

...working on how the Ska complex enables normal chromosome congression

cerysCerys Currie | Research Fellow - Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award

...working on

the mechanisms of chromosome segregation during the meiotic divisions of human oocytes. Prior to this Cerys completed a PhD funded by BBSRC MIBTP where she worked on the spindle checkpoint signalling in human cells in collaboration with Jonathan Millar. Her work showed how the checkpoint protein BUB1 is not essential for generatign a "wait anaphase" signal in response to unatached kinetochores PMID:30205061

emmaEmma Ford | PhD student - Warwick/UHCW

...working on exploring the mechanisms of mitoticx chromosome segregation in human embryos in collaboration with Geraldine Hartshorne