windermere meeting




We had a great time in Windermere with excellent speakers, lively discussions, a molecular machine building competition and some sunshine in the Lake District!


Group photograph | in front of the Low Wood Bay Hotel - the meeting venue



poster prizes


First prize | Ben Fitton (Straube lab, Warwick),

Second prize | Alessandro De Simone (Goenczy lab, Lausanne),

Third prize | Toni McHugh (Carter lab, Warwick),

Awarded by Petra Gross from the Journal of Cell Sciences.

Poster Judges | Erika Holzbaur and Claudia Veigel.










highlights from the Tuesday evening building competition:



gliding assay | by Carter, Chilton, Engel, Franze, Griffis, Mishima & Wickstead



clathrin | by D'Archivio, Franker, Gutierrez, Lamprecht, McLachlan & Patel



walking kinesin | the winning model being built by Burroughs, Fry & Molloy


... and what are you building today?



Group photograph | with lake and hills and a bit of blue sky




Scientific organisers | Anne Straube (CMCB, Warwick) & Justin Molloy (NIMR, London)

Conference organisation | Nicola Peel (HG3)

Sponsors | British Society for Cell Biology, EMBO, Open Biology, Olympus, Zeiss, Hamamatsu, Tocris Biosciences, Garland Science, Biochemical Journal, Journal of Cell Science