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luttonBaniukiewicz, Pi., Collier, S. & Bretschneider, Till (2017)
QuimP - Analyzing transmembrane signalling in highly deformable cells

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/171199. | Link 01 Aug 2017

lutton E. Josiah Lutton, Wim J. E. P. Lammers, Sean James, Hugo A. van den Berg, & Andrew M. Blanks (2017)
Identification of uterine pacemaker regions at the myometrial-placental interface

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/152678. | Link 21 Jun 2017

peet McHugh T., Drechsler H., McAinsh A. D., Carter N. J. & Cross R. A. (2017)
Single molecule mechanics reveal Kif15 as an active molecular ratchet with acute strain sensitivity

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/141978. | Link 25 May 2017

peet Rautu, S.A., Rowlands, G. & Turner, M.S. (2017)
Recycling controls membrane domains

arXiv:1701.06184. | Link 22 Jan 2017

peet Peet, D.R., Burroughs, N.J. & Cross, R.A. (2017)
Structural-mechanical remodelling of GDP-microtubules by kinesin

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/101022. | Link 17 Jan 2017

ferritag Clarke, N.I. & Royle, S.J. (2016)
FerriTag: A Genetically-Encoded Inducible Tag for Correlative Light-Electron Microscopy

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/095208. | Link 18 Dec 2016

3view Nixon*, F.M., Honnor*, T.R., Starling, G.P., Beckett, A.J., Johansen, A.M., Brettschneider, J.A., Prior, I.A. & Royle, S.J. (2016)
Microtubule organization within mitotic spindles revealed by serial block face scanning EM and image analysis

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/087866. | Link 15 Nov 2016 | Published in J Cell Sci 15 May 2017

rde Bretschneider, T., Du, C.-J., Elliott, C.M., Ranner, T. & Stinner, B. (2016)
Solving reaction-diffusion equations on evolving surfaces defined by biological image data

arXiv:1606.05093. | Link 16 Jun 2016

wood Wood, L.A., Clarke, N.I., Sarkar, S. & Royle, S.J. (2016)
Hot-wiring clathrin-mediated endocytosis in human cells

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/061986. | Link 4 Jul 2016 | Published in J Cell Biol 26 Sep 2017



*equal contribution

curvature Morris, R.G. & Turner, M.S. (2015)
Mobility Measurements Probe Conformational Changes in Membrane Proteins due to Tension

arXiv:1511.05982. | Link 18 Nov 2015

comets Gutiérrez-Caballero, C., Burgess, S.G., Bayliss, R. & Royle, S.J. (2015)
TACC3–ch-TOG track the growing tips of microtubules independently of clathrin and Aurora-A phosphorylation

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/008359.
| Link 13 Feb 2014 | Published in Biol Open 4 Apr 2014

�pitstop�Willox, A.K., Sahraoui, Y.M.E. & Royle, S.J. (2014)
Non-specificity of Pitstop 2 in clathrin-mediated endocytosis.

bioRxiv, doi:10.1101/002675
| Link 13 Feb 2014 | Published in Biol Open 4 Apr 2014

�endocytosis�Kaur, S., Fielding, A.B., Gassner, G., Carter, N. J. & Royle, S.J. (2014)
An unmet actin requirement explains the mitotic inhibition of clathrin-mediated endocytosis

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/001701.
| Link 09 Jan 2014 | Published in eLife 18 Feb 2014


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