CMCB is committed to open science. Our scientists strive to make all of the following available openly:


Our papers are available as open access (at least green, preferably gold OA). Many of our scientists publish their papers before publication as preprints.


Our scientists develop software for image analysis and other tools. Our central CMCB GitHub site collects these software projects.


The Warwick Open Source Microscope (WOSM) is our major open source hardware development project.


We support sharing of scientific imaging data through our OMERO database, managed by CAMDU.


CMCB Statement on Preprints

CMCB supports the efforts of scientists who wish to accelerate communication of their research via the use of preprints.

We encourage people applying for research positions within CMCB to use preprints as evidence of their productivity.

Find out more about preprints and accelerating science and publication in biology at ASAPbio.

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arxiv Liu, Y., Claydon, R., Polin, M. & Brumley, D.R. (2018)
Transitions in synchronization states of model cilia through basal-connection coupling

arXiv 1806.06466. | Link 17 Jun 2018

biorxiv von Loeffelholz, O., Peña, A., Drummond, D.R., Cross, R.A. & Moores, C. (2018)
Near-atomic cryo-EM structure of yeast kinesin 5-microtubule complex reveals a distinct binding footprint

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/302455. | Link 16 Apr 2018

biorxiv Meadows, J.C., Messin, L.J., Kamnev, A., Lancaster, T.C., Balasubramanian, M.K., Cross, R.A. & Millar, J.B.A. (2018)
Stabilising and destabilising kinesin complexes queue at plus tips to ensure microtubule catastrophe at cell ends

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/287649. | Link 23 Mar 2018

biorxiv Slator, P.J. & Burroughs, N. (2018)
A Hidden Markov Model for Detecting Confinement in Single Particle Tracking Trajectories

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/275107. | Link 8 Mar 2018

biorxiv Venables, N., Bretschneider, T. & Cross, R.A. (2018)
TOG domain MT polymerases accelerate MT plus end growth via electrostatically-steered diffusion-to-capture and electrostatic templating of GTP-tubulin

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/282897. | Link 16 Mar 2018

biorxiv Currie, C.E., Mora-Santos, M.D.M., Smith, C., McAinsh, A.D. & Millar, J.B. (2018)
Bub1 is not required for the checkpoint response to unattached kinetochores in diploid human cells

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/278820. | Link 8 Mar 2018

biorxiv Silio, V., Millar, J.B. & McAinsh, A.D. (2018)
Cell transformation disrupts the efficiency of chromosome segregation through microtubule detyrosination

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/246983. | Link 12 Jan 2018

luttonBaniukiewicz, Pi., Collier, S. & Bretschneider, Till (2017)
QuimP - Analyzing transmembrane signalling in highly deformable cells

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/171199. | Link 01 Aug 2017

lutton E. Josiah Lutton, Wim J. E. P. Lammers, Sean James, Hugo A. van den Berg, & Andrew M. Blanks (2017)
Identification of uterine pacemaker regions at the myometrial-placental interface

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/152678. | Link 21 Jun 2017

peet McHugh T., Drechsler H., McAinsh A. D., Carter N. J. & Cross R. A. (2017)
Single molecule mechanics reveal Kif15 as an active molecular ratchet with acute strain sensitivity

bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/141978. | Link 25 May 2017

peet Rautu, S.A., Rowlands, G. & Turner, M.S. (2017)
Recycling controls membrane domains

arXiv:1701.06184. | Link 22 Jan 2017

peet Peet, D.R., Burroughs, N.J. & Cross, R.A. (2017)
Structural-mechanical remodelling of GDP-microtubules by kinesin

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/101022. | Link 17 Jan 2017

ferritag Clarke, N.I. & Royle, S.J. (2016)
FerriTag: A Genetically-Encoded Inducible Tag for Correlative Light-Electron Microscopy

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/095208. | Link 18 Dec 2016 | Published in Nat Commun 04 Jul 2018

3view Nixon*, F.M., Honnor*, T.R., Starling, G.P., Beckett, A.J., Johansen, A.M., Brettschneider, J.A., Prior, I.A. & Royle, S.J. (2016)
Microtubule organization within mitotic spindles revealed by serial block face scanning EM and image analysis

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/087866. | Link 15 Nov 2016 | Published in J Cell Sci 15 May 2017

rde Bretschneider, T., Du, C.-J., Elliott, C.M., Ranner, T. & Stinner, B. (2016)
Solving reaction-diffusion equations on evolving surfaces defined by biological image data

arXiv:1606.05093. | Link 16 Jun 2016

wood Wood, L.A., Clarke, N.I., Sarkar, S. & Royle, S.J. (2016)
Hot-wiring clathrin-mediated endocytosis in human cells

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/061986. | Link 4 Jul 2016 | Published in J Cell Biol 26 Sep 2017



*equal contribution

curvature Morris, R.G. & Turner, M.S. (2015)
Mobility Measurements Probe Conformational Changes in Membrane Proteins due to Tension

arXiv:1511.05982. | Link 18 Nov 2015

comets Gutiérrez-Caballero, C., Burgess, S.G., Bayliss, R. & Royle, S.J. (2015)
TACC3–ch-TOG track the growing tips of microtubules independently of clathrin and Aurora-A phosphorylation

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/008359.
| Link 13 Feb 2014 | Published in Biol Open 4 Apr 2014

�pitstop�Willox, A.K., Sahraoui, Y.M.E. & Royle, S.J. (2014)
Non-specificity of Pitstop 2 in clathrin-mediated endocytosis.

bioRxiv, doi:10.1101/002675
| Link 13 Feb 2014 | Published in Biol Open 4 Apr 2014

�endocytosis�Kaur, S., Fielding, A.B., Gassner, G., Carter, N. J. & Royle, S.J. (2014)
An unmet actin requirement explains the mitotic inhibition of clathrin-mediated endocytosis

bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/001701.
| Link 09 Jan 2014 | Published in eLife 18 Feb 2014