cake club



>> cytoskeleton club: every Tuesday morning at 10am, either in CTU rooms T0.08 and T0.09 or in the MBU (A151)




01 | The speaker prepares a 30 minute presentation. You should use the forum for a polished talk with nice slides and being well rehearsed. However, this does not mean that you can only show perfect data. Please also include your negative, unexplained, puzzling, preliminary findings and current troubles and how you solved problems that you reported last time so that everybody can give feedback and learn from each other.


02 | Disruption of the speaker with questions/suggestions from the audience (other than PIs) is positively encouraged. PIs are only allowed to ask questions after the talk and after the first question has been asked by a student or postdoc.


03 | Take part actively: Ask, when you don't understand something. Ask if you don't know how an experiment was done. Ask what it means. You don't need to have a PhD to ask questions.


04 | Cookie/cake policy: Last week's speaker contributes something to nibble for the current week. Please bring your own coffee/drinks.


05 | Cytoskeleton Club is like Fight Club... please don't talk to outsiders about unpublished results that you see at these meetings.


...any suggestions or questions, please talk to Anne or Andrew. Any issues with the schedule, talk to Steve.


17th July 2018 |
Junetha, Balasubramanian lab - Genetic code expansion


Check back soon for details of next term's talks.