We have active searches for:

1. A Lattice Light Sheet Imaging Specialist

Job Vacancy: Imaging Specialist - to look after our lattice light sheet microscope. Funded by the Wellcome Trust for 5 years. You will support users in image acquisition and analysis, will be responsible for maintenance of the system and run a visitor programme. All nationalities welcome. Physics background with interest in cell biology is equally suitable as a cell biologist with interest in optical microscopy! - Deadline 5th March 2018.

2. A Summer studentship

We are looking for a motivated undergraduate student who wants to spend 10 weeks in summer in a world-class research laboratory. A range of projects is possible, involving biochemistry, cell biology or computational biology with access to state-of-the-art facilities including high end optical microscopy. The studentship is funded by the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine with a stipend of £200 per week for up to 10 weeks. More info here. All nationalities welcome. Apply before 1st May with CV and motivation statement.


We are always looking to attract high-quality individuals with an excellent track record who are looking to secure career development fellowships. If your science fits with our vision and you are interested in making such an application with our support then please get in touch.


All labs in the CMCB are always looking for talented and enthusiastic people who would like to join as research fellows. If you are interested in joining then we are happy to discuss supporting personal fellowship applications.


There are a range of ways to join the CMCB as a PhD student, with the main route via one of Warwick's doctoral training centres:


1) Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research (MRC)

2) Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (BBSRC)

3) Molecular Analytical Science (EPSRC)