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We are currently seeking highly motivated postdocs and MSc/PhD students with strong interest in curiosity driven research to join our diverse research team. We work highly interdisciplinary and collaborative and welcome scientist from diverse backgrounds (mol/cell/dev biology, computational, physics, engineering). For informal enquiries email michael[dot]smutny[at]warwick[dot]ac[dot]uk

Current Lab Members


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Michael Smutny | Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor at Warwick Medical School and a Wellcome-Warwick Quantitative Biomedicine Programme (QBP) faculty member. I am interested in processes that shape the early zebrafish embryo.

Bridget Evans | Postdoc

I am investigating the role of cell extrusions and apoptosis in early embryonic tissue formation.

Sissi Spiritosanto | MIBTP PhD student

I am studying molecular and cellular mechanisms of collective cell migration.

Jack Petts-Lewis | ARAP PhD student

I am working on gene regulation and patterning of the early forebrain using multiplexed RNAseq in collaboration with Kok Hao Chen (Genome Institute of Singapore).

Laura Evers | INS student

I am studying the feedback between nuclear mechanics and cell fate specification.

Jacob Mudenge | MBio student

I am interested in the role of membrane dynamics in segregation of progenitor cells.


Postdocs: Yanina Alvarez; Arthur King | PhD students: Angus Inman (MRC DTP); Emma Proctor (MAS-CDT) | MSc students: Jonatan Bennaroch (MRC-DTP); Hannah Burnage (MIBTP) | Internships: Ozdecan Darilmaz