Current Lab Members


Michael Smutny | Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor at Warwick Medical School and a Wellcome-Warwick Quantitative Biomedicine Programme (QBP) faculty member.
I am interested in processes that shape the early zebrafish embryo.

Amina Aziz | Research Assistant

I manage the daily operations of the lab and supervise the various zebrafish lines.

Yanina Alvarez | Postdoc

I am investigating the feedback between nuclear mechanics and cell fate specification.

Angus Inman | MRC DTP PhD student

I am studying tissue morphogenesis of the early forebrain and work closely with Till Bretschneider’s group (Warwick Computer Science).

Sissi Spiritosanto | MIBTP PhD student

I am interested in molecular and cellular mechanisms of collective cell migration.

Jack Petts-Lewis | ARAP PhD student

I am working on gene regulation and patterning of the early forebrain using multiplexed RNAseq in collaboration with Kok Hao Chen (Genome Institute of Singapore).


Postdocs: Arthur King | PhD students: Emma Proctor (MAS-CDT) | Mini-project students: Jonatan Bennaroch (MRC-DTP); Hannah Burnage (MIBTP)