Current Lab Members

Michael SmutnyMichael Smutny | Principal Investigator

I am an Assistant Professor at Warwick Medical School and a Wellcome-Warwick Quantitative Biomedicine Programme (QBP) faculty member. I did my PhD in Molecular Biology at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories (MFPL) at the University of Vienna. I did post-doc stints at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) at the University of Queensland with Alpha Yap and at the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria with Carl Philipp Heisenberg. I started my own group at Warwick in 2018.

AminaAmina Aziz | Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant and lab manager. I obtained a MSc degree in Microbiology from the University of Birmingham. I am currently responsible for managing the daily operations of the lab and use my managerial skills and knowledge of safety and lab procedures to ensure that the lab operates smoothly. I am also establishing new mutant and transgenic zebrafish lines for the lab. I am a holder of a UK Home Office personal license (zebrafish) and I am supervising and managing the lab’s various zebrafish lines.

ArthurArthur King | Postdoc

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Warwick Medical School supported by a BBSRC grant. I obtained my undergraduate MSci degree in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Bristol, before pursuing an MSC and PhD in applied mathematics at the Mathematics of Real-World Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (mathsys CDT) at the University of Warwick. The focus of my PhD thesis was on swarming and collective dynamics. The aim of my current research project is to employ agent-based models with statistical tools in collaboration with Matthew Turner (Department of Physics, Warwick) to examine the importance of mechanical forces between cells during collective migration in the zebrafish embryo.

AngusAngus Inman | MRC DTP PhD student

I am a PhD student on the Medical Research Council Doctoral Training Programme (MRC DTP) in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research. For my undergraduate degree I studied Physics at Lancaster University with a year of studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am interested in mechanical processes during development. I am currently working to decipher physical mechanisms that control how the anterior neural plate is shaped during early zebrafish development. For this interdisciplinary project, I am collaborating with the group of Till Bretschneider (Department of Computer Science, Warwick) and Vasily Kantsler (Department of Physics, Warwick) to establish computational and microfluidic tools.

EmmaEmma Proctor | MAS CDT PhD student

I am a PhD student on the EPSRC sponsored Molecular Analytical Science Centre for Doctoral Training (MAS CDT). I did my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the Liverpool John Moores University. I am working at the interface of Cell Biology, Biophysics and Engineering and I am exploring cellular and molecular responses of embryonic progenitor cells to mechanical forces. To achieve this, I am collaborating closely with the group of Jerome Charmet (Warwick Manufacturing Group) to develop novel microfluidics devices and with Darius Koester’s lab (Warwick Medical School) to use custom-built PDMS based stretcher devices.

JackJack Petts-Lewis | ARAP PhD student

I am a PhD student on the Warwick-A*-STAR Research Attachment Programme (ARAP) and working on a joint project involving labs in Warwick and Singapore. I did my undergraduate degree in Biotechnology at the Bangor University. My project focuses on the genetic regulation in the formation and patterning of the neural plate during early embryonic zebrafish development. For this interdisciplinary approach, I am making use of recent advances in multiplexed RNA imaging technology in collaboration with the group of Kok Hao Chen (Genome Institute of Singapore).