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>> MotorsTV (legacy)

Thilani Babuji | Research Assistant 2021-2023

To Bristol university, to start a PhD! [email]

Huong Vu | PDRA 2018-2022

EMBO Fellowship awardee, now at Nottingham University. [email] [Google Scholar]

Algirdas Toleikis | PDRA 2015-2020

EMBO installation grant awardee, 2020. [email]

Rebecca Sipthorpe | Research Assistant 2019-2020

To Oxford. [email]

Wai Chun (Virginia) Tse | Research Assistant 2019-2020

To Hong Kong. [email]

Douglas Martin | Visiting Honorary Professor 2016/17 & 2018/19

Doug is Professor of Biophysics in Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. [email]

Dan Peet | Student & Postdoc 2012-2017

Now computing in Edinburgh [email]

Doug Drummond | Right hand man 1998-2016

Now a Full Professor in Kyushu University in Fukuoka [email]

Toni McHugh | PhD student 2012-2015

Now a postdoc with Julie Welburn in Edinburgh [email]

Neil Venables | PhD student 2011-2015

Now with the Computational Biology Group at the Hartree Centre, STFC Daresbury Lab [email]

Calvin Adams | Fourth year mathematics undergraduate

Now has a real job!! [email]

Maria Alonso | Senior Research Assistant 1992-2013

Now happily retired !! [email]

Miho Katsuki | Postdoc. 2008-2013

Now at RIKEN Life Sciences Technology Research Centre [email]

Dana Gheorghe | Postdoc. 2007-2010

Now with Decision Resources in London [email]

Mishan Britto | Postdoc. 2010-2013

Now a postdoc. with Masanori Mishima [web] [email]

Kuniyoshi Kaseda | Postdoc. 2004-2010

Now Director of Saravio Central Institute, Saravio Ltd. [web] [email]


Junichiro Yajima | Postdoc. 2003-2008

Now an Associate Professor with his own lab in Tokyo University [web] [email]


greyboxMichael Osei | Research Assistant 2005-2007

Now a PhD student at MRC Cambridge [email]


greyboxChristina Hoey | Research Assistant 2003-2005

Gained a PhD from Carolyn Moores' lab; now at Syngenta.com [web] [email]


greyboxFrauke Hussmann | PhD student 2008-2012

Was teaching in Berlin University and now has a baby daughter [email]


greyboxSue Stephen | Postdoc. 2002-2005


greyboxMuriel Erent | Postdoc. 2004-2009

Now a Senior Research Associate in the McAinsh lab [web] [email]


greyboxDaniel Schlieper | Postdoc. 2006-2008

Now a Research Associate in the Groth lab in Dusseldorf [web] [email]


greyboxBarry Grant | PhD Student 2000-2004

Now an Assistant Professor with his own lab in Univ. Michigan Ann Arbor [web] [email]


greyboxIsabelle Crevel | Postdoc. 1994-2006

Now a postdoc with Sue Cotterill at St Georges [email]


greyboxKurt Anderson | Postdoc. 1998-2000

Now Group leader at CRUK Beatson Institute and Professor of Cell Biology in Glasgow University [web] [email]


greyboxTony Newcombe | Postdoc. 2000-2001

Now Principal Consultant at Parexel [web] [email]


greyboxAndrew Lockhart | Postdoc. 1991-1996

Now Director, Discovery Medicine Unit, GSK China Neurology [LinkedIn] [email]


greyboxKevin Rodgers | Postdoc. 1998-2001

Now teaching Chemistry


greyboxManjari Mazumdar | Postdoc. 1996-1998

Now has her own lab at Indiana Univ. [web]


greyboxDanny McKillop | Postdoc. 1993-1995