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Rob Cross | Kinesin & tubulin

I lead the Motors Group and am Director of the CMCB and of the Hooke Science Programme, our radical new 4 year UG course in Integrated Science.

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Nick Carter | Advanced Microscopy

I am interested in the single molecule mechanics of molecular motors and tracks & am designer and developer of the WOSM.

Yean Ming Chew | Microtubule lattice plasticity

I am a PhD student, working on tubulin engineering and microtubule lattice mechanics.

Huong Vu | Kinesin mechanism

I am an EMBO Fellow, interested in how kinesins step.

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Thilani Babuji | Kinesin engineering

I am a Research Assistant, working on tubulin expression & purification.

Vishakha Karnawat | Kinesin mechanics

I am a Wellcome-funded postdoctoral research associate, interested in the single molecule mechanics of kinesin.